How to Make a Killing Selling Used Vintage Clothing on eBay

                                                      Today I want to tell you about goods

                                                      that can be picked up at low prices in places

                                                      where few people go to buy, and people who

                                                      do visit these places usually lack the

                                                      knowledge required to turn a low price item

                                                      into another reselling at several hundred

                                                      times the price they might otherwise have



                                                      Such buy low, sell high events happen several

                                                      times each day for savvy resellers on eBay,

                                                      and those are the people who secrets I’m

                                                      revealing for you now.


We are talking about used vintage clothing and accessories and they attract very high profits for knowledgeable eBay sellers.


Such items can sometimes be purchased for pennies per garment and resold on eBay for much higher prices.  And when you find dresses and skirts, blouses and other items of women’s clothing offered at low prices from some of the suppliers mentioned in this report, you will often find them accompanied by accessories like handbags and shoes, hats and various other types of clothing and accessories.


Women’s wear attracts the highest prices on eBay, but men’s clothing and accessories are also popular and can similarly be picked up at incredibly low prices from the same suppliers of clothing for women.  This is so for most types of clothing and accessories, regardless of age, but it is vintage clothing and accessories we will focus on today and which can fetch prices like these recent examples on eBay:


-  Chanel Handbag Jumbo Maxi Flap sold for £1,555.00 / approximately US$2,073.86


-  Vtg. 70s SILK CHIFFON Draped Caftan Plunging Hand Painted Angel Maxi Dress sold for £1,085.34 / approximately US$1,445.08


-  Men’s Belstaff Brad Jacket in Burnt Brown Vintage Leather sold for £695.00 / approximately US$926.90


-  Lewis Leathers Vintage Lightning Jacket Rocker Style sold for £595.00 / approximately US$793.53


If you’d like to enjoy prices like those, then my report will show how it’s done.  Find it HERE.



Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Their Pages on eBay


Vintage books and magazines were packed with prints and advertisements and other paper items which are not only interesting, but very collectable, and profitable, too. 


You may be surprised to know that many items derived from old publications are hot sellers on eBay including: prints, advertisements, knitting and other craftwork patterns, recipes, how to articles, historical articles, music scores, stories and other out of copyright material …  etc., etc, etc.


Let me introduce you to just a few of these easy to find, big profit items:




Old prints are valuable collectors' pieces and there's a good income to be made simply from packaging prints neatly and categorizing them according to theme, eBay's best sellers being: animals, sports (especially golf and horse racing), royalty, music hall artists, topographical (named locations) and children.




Advertisements were often hugely ornate, colored or black and white, photographic or artist-drawn. Whatever shape they take, framed and unframed, mounted and unmounted advertisements are very popular on eBay where only recently an advertisement placed by a slave trader in ‘The Memphis Daily Avalanche’ in 1859 fetched $200.




‘Clippings’, sometimes called ‘Cuttings’ as both names suggest, are simply items cut from books and other printed publications.  They can be large or small, or even comprise entire sections of a book linked to a specific theme.  They can fetch high prices on eBay as did a 1909 article about the magician Houdini that went for $200 in May 2005 and clippings of Rudolph Valentino fetched $305 at around the same time.


Gifts and Advertising Novelties from Early Publications


Early publications often contained useful free gifts for readers, some of which are profitable collectors' items today. The most common free gifts were advertising inserts and sometimes advertising blotters, rulers, children's painting books and maps.  Maps are particularly prolific in older books and are amongst eBay's highest priced items, such as the ‘1873 Beers Atlas of Maps of Long Island New York’ which recently fetch over $2,000 and a ‘Mitchell's Map of Missouri and Arkansas’ found folded inside a tatty old book from 1937 that reached $1702.




Some early publications, larger ones, had double center page spreads that make great posters and prints.  They can fetch bids of $20 and more.  As for all publications, learn to specialize, and look for special interest magazines, targeting a specific audience, say dog lovers, train enthusiasts, classic cars, and so on. This way you gain experience about specific subjects and the person to buy from on eBay.


Fancy Dress


Another very easy project where all you have to do is look for copyright-free patterns and designs which you can combine into books or sell individually.  They are all great sellers on eBay especially for traditional fancy dress anniversaries such as Halloween.




The secret here is to look for copyright-free cartoons which you can copy and mount or frame as they are or revamp to suit today’s market.  As for other copyright-free material, although there is no law against lifting and using cartoons, it is arguably immoral and unethical to claim the work as your own.


Cater for Lovers ….  Of Anything and Everything!


Actually, that title is a little misleading because this project covers virtually every interest for which there is a large, better still, indeterminate audience.  Books and such compiled here can be sold in printed, CD or downloadable fashion on eBay.


This is my particular favorite and, arguably, the easiest to profit from.  All you do here is clip, collect and collate as many snippets as you can relating to one particular subject or theme.  Cats, dogs, golf, writing, children, Amish recipes, fortune-telling, witchcraft, and more, are useful ideas for books that are simply compilations of everything you find on the topic.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:


*  1001 Great Golfing Jokes


*  Everything You Didn’t Know About Cats


*  Psychic Cat and Dog Stories


*  1001 Great Dating Tips


*  500 Amish Recipes


*  Candles and Witchcraft: Ten True Stories to Brighten Your Life


*  50 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress


*  101 Ways to Market Your Writing


*  Early Veterinary Practices


Let Grandma’s Kitchen Make Money For You


There's money to be made from compiling early recipes in book or report form for selling in print, CD or via email attachment from eBay listings.  Recipes don’t need to be popular today; you might research and write up on some of the far less appetizing dishes our ancestors might have ‘enjoyed’ centuries before.


Knitting Patterns


Knitting and other craftwork patterns are hugely popular sellers on eBay, especially unusual and niche market types, such as dolls’ clothing, war-time economy designs, clothes for animals, and so on.  Again, look for out-of-copyright items and other patterns that never had legal copyright.   Many old publications included free patterns as loose items or pull-out publications which need no additional work on them to sell.  However, you are not always allowed to copy these items so where you have a good seller, work hard to obtain as many copies of the parent copy publication as possible.


So many books and magazines available, so many ways to make money from them, so what are you waiting for!





Just Weeks to Go but Still Time to Triple Your Profits on eBay This Christmas

Imagine just a few weeks to go for Christmas Eve; you wonder if there’s still time to make money from the seasonal big spend on eBay, or whether you’ve left it too late, again!  Worry not, because, even with just a few weeks to go you can still bank a few hundred or even a few thousand easy dollars or pounds or other country currency from selling on eBay!

But you're going to need pockets full of money aren't you, and you need to take lots of risks, just to be sure you make a few thousand spenders before the big day dawns? 


No, you don't need much cash, you don't have to take risks, you can actually create your own products or revamp already existing products and sell them fast and furiously starting today.  


One of my favourite products which I look out for at auction and flea markets are Victorian newspapers in year bound volumes which I dismantle and sell individually on eBay.  Most individual newspapers go to people collecting or living in the topographical area depicted in articles from those early publications.  


Some individual newspapers fetch double or even triple or higher bidding numbers and fetch high prices; some newspapers attract no interest at all.  But there's something I do to newspapers that don't sell which sometimes makes them worth much more than their counterparts that fetched high prices.

This little trick works with any old publications, especially dated pre-1900.  I don't use modern publications for this easy moneymaker and I don't use publications that are not in the public domain.  I recommend you also avoid publications that are copyright protected on the off-chance you encounter trademark or copyright issues or otherwise fall foul of image rights and privacy laws.

Go for publications dated 1900 and earlier and you'll face few if any such problems.

Now back to those Victorian newspapers and magazines which are packed with poems, prints, photographs, engravings, articles and more besides.

Like many eBay PowerSellers I often make $20 in just a few minutes by hand coloring and mounting a print from an old newspaper, notably of topographical locations or mass interests subjects like cats and dogs, trains and well known buildings.  And we're not talking long or intricate tasks here, I'm talking five minutes at most, because all I usually do is lightly brush the print with pastel chalk to add just a touch of color.  Then I add a contrasting color mount and list it on eBay.  

More ideas for turning Victorian newspapers into cash on eBay:

*  In Victorian times articles often stretched over ten to twenty pages which makes them ideal for scanning and converting to pdf format and selling on CD.  The best sellers relate to topographical areas and genealogy, in the latter case articles about people in specific areas and featuring specific surnames.  

*  Poems often featured with ornate backgrounds and olde-worlde text which look positively wonderful hand colored and mounted or even fully framed.  

*  Convert knitting and crochet patterns to text, make into pdf format, sell in eBay's Crafts section.



Sell Topographical Collectibles

Among collectors, one of the most important features is items focusing on a particular topographical area, such as where the collector lives, where he was born or where his ancestors came from.


But selling topographical place names presents its own specific problem, being that place names change and the topographical location reflected on an old collectable item might be quite unlike what people call the place today as well as the name they will key into eBay's search engines. One high profile example is what today is spelled 'Middlesbrough' which in the past was frequently spelled 'Middlesborough'.


Now I happen to know that a great many people still call the town 'Middlesborough', in speech and in writing. So it follows that if you use 'Middlesbrough' in your product listing title, and potential buyers key 'Middlesborough' into eBay's search engine, your listing might be missed by a large chunk of your target audience.


And that is why my listings for collectibles featuring the town begin:




Note I also leave a gap between the names and the slash symbol as otherwise eBay's search engine will view 'MIDDLESBROUGH/MIDDLESBOROUGH' as one word and might ignore it in searches for all versions of the town name.


More things to know about place names:


* For really small topographical areas, like tiny villages, also places that no longer exist, it's best to locate the nearest main town and add that to your title alongside the less well known area depicted in the postcard or book or other item. This is because collectors know that few collectibles featuring a really small collecting area are likely to exist and so most choose to search using nearby place names.


Additionally, most very small villages were actually identified as part and parcel of a nearby main town and may even share its name with another slightly larger village. For example, the village where I live, High Hesleden, was classed as part of Castle Eden or Monk Hesleden in Victorian and Edwardian times, so a search for 'High Hesleden' is likely to miss some postcards and other collectibles I'd desperately like to have.



Make a Killing in the eBay Christmas Gold Rush 


Christmas is the time you and I stand to make incredible profits, not always by working harder or selling more product than during non-festive months, but because higher profits, as anyone knows who has traded on eBay during past festive seasons, are easily achieved by performing a few simple tasks known mainly to savvy seasonal sellers. 

That of course explains why some people only trade on eBay in the run up to Christmas when they make more money in a couple of weeks than they make during all other months combined.  The rest of their year is spent enjoying themselves and sourcing new products and making plans for festive seasons yet to come.

Those tips and techniques that make life so enjoyable and business so incredibly profitable for eBay’s most successful seasonal sellers are presented for you today in ‘Make a Killing in the eBay Christmas Gold Rush’.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE



Sell Domain Names on eBay


‘Domain Name' simply describes an Internet address, a web site address if you like, such as, and millions more besides.


There's no doubt about it, domain names are big money, but the heady days of the Dot Com Boom are way behind us now and few people rush to pay millions of pounds for virtually anything ending .com


But it's still a hugely profitable business concept and one anyone can master.  The business can also fetch very high prices on eBay.  Even domain names selling at just a hundred dollars or so, over a number of sales, can attract good cumulative profits.


So what if it wasn't you who made $8 million for, $5.1 for, or £2.9 million for ….. you could very easily have been the one who paid less than $10 for and sold it on eBay last month for £6995.00 (over $13,000)


Some eBayers specialise in domain names costing very little to list on eBay and still list thousands of pounds/dollars or other country currency. 


Making money is easy, but getting really fabulous prices for domain names is more down to good luck than good business, but there are ways to make luck smile more favourably on you, as you'll soon discover.


More About Selling Domain Names on eBay


*  Names are usually listed under Computing > Services > Domain Names  and less often under ‘Business, Office & Industrial > Businesses for Sale > Internet Businesses/Websites’.  You'll often find people adding bonus items, to induce more and bigger bids, such as websites and hosting or even complete internet businesses, and these might sometimes be listed on eBay under ‘Business, Office & Industrial’.


*  Some really exciting and profitable names are listed on eBay every day, like mentioned earlier and, currently unsold, and   Surnames, like Lowes, represent a good bet, there's bound to be someone, somewhere, called Lowes, who does installations.  So you'll often see surnames offered and snapped up quickly on eBay.


*  For every clever combination of letters, there's the odd individual trying to repeat history with something he or she thinks closely resembles a past auction record breaking domain name.  But does really make you wish you had $8,000,000 to offer just because fetched six million dollars?  I don't think so.


*  So be realistic, avoid daft combinations, unless someone really has money to throw away to buy your name, you'll only waste money. 


*  Acronyms are gaining popularity with still millions of letter combinations to choose from. An acronym is a series of letters where each letter represents the initial of words in a particular phrase.  So taxi firm Travel In Style might bid for, bookmaker Bet With Confidence might like, and so on.  It's a good idea to choose acronyms based on actual business models, such that recently fetched £5,000 on  The seller suggested 'hill side to cloud base' makes a great name for a paragliding business and doubtless someone else agreed.  But what can you make out of that has just gone for $4,900.00?


*  Actual names and single words also fetch high prices (like worth $3,650), though whether actually will fetch £1,000,000 I really don't know.  As I type, is currently offered at £12 starting price and has no offers; - very nice - remains unsold at $500,000.


*  Short names are usually preferable to long domains, especially as acronyms.  Imagine matching up with someone prepared to pay thousands of dollars, against (no I don't think it's for sale, it's just an example).


*  New fads and important events can also fetch handsome rewards when applied to domain names.  As news came in several years ago that bird flu had hit the UK and I decided to check for suitable domain names. or .anything for that matter, is that available?  No chance, already gone.  What about, or .biz, .whatever?  Sorry, beaten to it again.  What about a longer name for what will surely be a rash of products coming onto the market to help us steer clear of bird flu, what do you think of  Yes, that is still available.  Or rather it was, I just bought it to test my theories about selling domain names on eBay.


*  Look at expired domain names which often have ready made traffic which can attract higher bids than previously unregistered names.  Really high traffic sites do fall into disuse, though infrequently, and they can be worth much more for traffic potential than actual letter combination. 


Add Value to Your Domain Names and Grow their Resale Prices on eBay


*  Offer free hosting or parking or even a complete web page to begin attracting traffic and links while the new buyer determines what to do with his new domain name.


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